Our Loan Programs

Startup Loans

Starting your own business and becoming your own boss is every entrepreneur’s dream, but dealing with traditional banks can be a nightmare. We know it can be a real setback especially when you’re just trying to stand on your own two feet. At Capital Link Finance we understand the difficulties of undertaking a new business venture. That is why we do all the heavy lifting so you can be running in no time.  

Capital Link Finance shows you step by step how to obtain the best funding opportunities for your new business. We take the time to understand your needs and develop an innovative funding package based on your great credit profile, offering you our services where banking institutions can not. Our funding experts know the ropes and have dozens of connections in the lending community to secure multiple offers so that you can be in charge from beginning to end.

SBA Loans

SBA Loans are a great way to acquire funding for your small business, but the available programs can be challenging to navigate without some frontend homework. At Capital Link Finance we are your teachers.

We are experts with over 25+ years of experience of ensuring easy access to business loan funding for small businesses.

7 (a) Loan Program

This is the most commonly used SBA loan program to fund new business start-up costs or existing small businesses. These funds can be used for anything from construction to equipment financing and working capital.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Strong personal credit
  • May need to provide collateral
  • Usually 20% to 30% down
  • Written business plan
  • Three years of tax returns
  • Personal financial statement
  • Updated personal resume


SBA Preferred Loan Program

This program has an expedited review process, simplifying and accelerating the approval time on a loan and therefore making it easy to get your business funded ASAP. With a strong credit profile you’re likely to see an approval within five to seven business days.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Strong personal credit
  • No bankruptcy judgements of liens within the past 10 years
  • Requires 20% equity injection in most cases
  • For profit business
  • If you’re going to buy a franchise, the brand needs to be on the SBA-approved registry

Securities Backed LOC

This convenient and flexible alternative to selling assets allows you to access cash while keeping your investment strategy intact. You can leverage the stocks and bonds you already own in your portfolio without having to sell, keeping your long-term investment plan in place and avoiding capital gains tax on your low-cost basis stock.

Unsecured Business LOC

An unsecured business line of credit provides the freedom to secure capital for your business, while not having to leverage any collateral. Unsecured lines of credit provide a quick way for your business to obtain cash, as long as it meets the requirements. Unsecured loans will also protect your business if you need to default on the loan for whatever reason.

Capital Financing and Equipment

Equipment financing helps you finance up to 100% of the new or used equipment you need for your business. Applying for an equipment loan is typically a fast and easy way to finance the purchase of most types of equipment—computers, machinery, vehicles, or whatever else you need. You get quick access to cash, there is very limited paperwork, and the equipment will serve as collateral.

To find out how Capital Link Finance can help fund your dream, just fill out our simple pre-qualification form. In less than 24 hours we can have answers for you on exactly how we can assist you.

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